Meet The Instructor

Annette/Amani Hunt-Walker

Hello Everyone!

My name is Annette/Amani Hunt-Walker!


I have been a Hatha Yoga Level 1 (RYT-200) teacher for 9 years. I was trained and certified at Integral Yoga Institute in New York City, NY., January 15, 2011. I took classes for 200 hours.


I was inspired by and began taking yoga classes from my first yoga teacher, Sarama Menoli, who taught classes in Jamaica, NY.

After my 1st pregnancy, I had been searching for some form of exercise to help strengthen my back. Because my back was so out-of-shape, any type of forceful exercise was out of the question. I found that her style of yoga was gentle enough to help strengthen my entire body.

After seeing the results with my body, I was inspired to help others enjoy the benefits of yoga. I took classes at Intergral Yoga Institute to become a Hatha Yoga instructor. I received my certification and began teaching classes at my church. I have also taught at several locations in Jamaica, Long Island and Brooklyn, NY.

I currently teach Hatha Level 1 yoga classes from my home.

693 Dauntless Parkway
Elmont, NY 11003
(917) 701-6384


Our Philosophy

Our Yoga class is non-critical, non-judgemental and does not encourage competition.

Come as you are.
Be in the moment. Work from that place.


The 8 Limbed- Path of Yoga

Yoga Philosophy:

The Yamas

Attitudes to cultivate towards others

Ahimsa (non-violence)
Satya (truthfulness)

Asetya (non-stealing)

Brahmacharya (abstinence)
Aparigraha (non-greed)

(next week- the Niyamas)